Thursday, September 1, 2016

Short and Sweet (8/4-8/28)

 Genesis 26:31 
Early the next morning each man made his promise and sealed it with a vow. Isaac said good-bye to them. They parted as friends.

Hello my dear readers, 

I realized that I dropped off the face of the earth around August 3 and there's a valid reason for it. I entered a relationship toward the end of the summer. It was a wild fling that I choose to see as a boot camp in life. Much like the rest of the summer. I had planned on leaving CBCC September 10th but circumstances of mental/emotional stress and the fact that my Ex and I didn't exactly end on the greatest terms had me making the wise decision to leave before someone else got hurt. 

   The summer of 2016 at CBCC taught me many things; about myself, people and God. 

1. I am MUCH more capable then I ever thought possible. 
 When you continue working out of sense of duty, while you gimp about campus like a craggy old hag. You're planter's tendon throbbing by the end of the day and day's off suddenly more important than you ever thought.  Or when you're down for the count and can't get yourself out of bed from full body shut down cold (which lasted two weeks) you drug up and get to work, because it's your job and you're not gonna let old lazy habits stop you now!

2. When you thought that no one really needed you in the most basic of friendship ways and find yourself the best friend of people whom some have never had one. When they seek you out for advice and comfort and you can do the same. When you're apart of a tight community brought together by God and work, and can feel the love that surrounds the entirety of the campus. 

3. When you doubt your ability as a leader and thus are given the very task that frightens you most. When your crew is relying on your quick direction and stern timeline, yet loud encouragements and warm regard of good work. 

4. When you come to terms that your "life-time love" was a lusty fling that ended in flames and instead of holding onto the bitterness of how it came to an end, you rise from the ashes like a phoenix and learn from your mistakes. 

As for lessons I learned from people, that is thanks to serving guests all summer. 

1. ALWAYS give the guest what they are asking for if it is in your power. 

2. Be humble when being complimented. 

3. Say hello, Good morning/afternoon to everyone. It puts a smile on their face and makes them feel special and noticed. 

4. Forgive those who defecate on towels and shove them under the bunk beds of your building for you to deal with on change over. They know not what they are doing and thus are like ignorant children. 

5. Love on those whom you work with, especially if you live with them in some capacity. It's not been their day either. 

The lessons from God

1. God is the desire of my heart. I know this now. I'm thankful that he was in my corner during the highest stress this summer. I know he has the right man for me someday. 

2. He has an endless creativity for day's activities. Especially on change over days. 

3. He is with you always and never forsakes you. Even when you can't see him because you're focused on the problem. 

4. His promises will always be fulfilled, even if we fail to fulfill our promises to him. 

The summer of 2016 was in a phrase 'One hell of a ride!' I won't say I don't have regrets. I am human after all. However, the friends I've made and invested in and they in me are worth keeping in my life in some capacity. Watching them grow over the season; some in confidence others in humility and even some in love. When I left and they gathered about me, tears flowed freely. It was hard leaving them behind and when I think of them I get a little smile on my lips and tear in my eye. I love them all and wish to see them soon. 
 I pray for each of them as I'm home now. I used to think that I could only have a small group of tight friends. While this is still true I've come to a new conclusion that it's possible to have tight circles. Life is much richer with friends.  I've experienced it all; bliss, infatuation, deep sorrow, anger, rage, fear, exhaustion but most importantly God's comfort at all times. If I could reverse the summer and do it again I'd only change a few things. It was worth going and getting away from my home. Not only did I learn about the world and myself but I've literally transformed from a scared, lazy hermit to a strong, ambitious adventurer. As Noel and I prepare to take our next steps in life (moving out of the basement) I want to bring it back to God and how He planned it all out. He is my provider, Protector, Leader and Lover. He has my best interest at hearts and knows what I need/want in my life and for my life. 

As I make my way toward recovery from this whole summer, I celebrate the fact that Autumn is just around the corner and so is my 24th birthday. It's exciting times. I'm going to reconnect with my friends from home and balance the complex scale of relationships. It will certainly be an adventure. With this I leave you to inspire others. 

The most important thing is to enjoy your life - 
to be happy - it's all that matters" 

Audrey Hepburn

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