Friday, June 24, 2016

Comfort zones and Captaincy (6/23-6/24)

Deuteronomy 28:7
 The LORD will make your enemies, who rise against you and attack from one direction, to flee from you in seven directions.

Greetings everyone, 

this post will be very honest. As positive and happy my previous posts have been I have to write the truth, as I have been. I have been here at CBCC for 24 days now. I've learned so much and met so many people. I've felt like I belong and it's great! Recently though, something has happened. As I've settled and been successful at my job and social life. I was  pushing my comfort threshold. Recently though, something has happened. As I've settled and been successful at my job and social life. I was  pushing my comfort threshold. I had also learned something disturbing but ultimately was out of my control. For  those wondering no I will not be elaborating. Back on point; with this new information doubts began to creep into my mind and heart about whether I should continue my summer here. I went into a panic attack (for those of you who know what it’s like or know me to have them) It was awful. I called my mom on break and was a blathering paranoid. She tried to calm me but to no avail. I was in the throws of an attack from the enemy. Not realizing until later. The rest of my day was a little ‘off’ my usual positive personality had shifted. I got along with my co-workers well enough but I could tell by the way they were asking if I was okay, and were afraid of upsetting me that I must of been putting off of ‘monster vibes’ I tried to continue work without letting it affect me. I called my recently reconnected friend. They helped gain perspective on the situation and to remember why I’m here: Grow closer to God. Make friends, and fill out my resume`. Those are my goals, those are the reasons I left home for the first time (no, really) and ventured out of my comfort zone. 
   I have noticed that when I’m about to push out of my comfort zone in a major way that is permanent and effectual I either back away from the edge or freak out. In this case I freaked. Except, my spirit was at peace. While my adrenaline raced and my mind revolted against any positive reassurance of safety. I was exhausted by the end of the day. (If you’ve had panic attacks then you know it can take a lot out of you) Later that night I was sitting the hall of my dorm talking with a new friend of mine. She’s quickly become a confident friend and a mighty prayer warrior. I talked to her about what had happened among other things. She prayed over me and with me and I was filled with a familiar, yet too long forgotten feeling of the spirit filling me to the brink. From the roots of my hair to the tips of my toes I was filled with God’s Spirit and it was wonderful! She had said while she was praying that this summer was a summer of ‘Freedom’ to be ‘Set Free’ as she said. I agreed and got an interesting confirmation the next day. 
   Feeling exhausted from my previous day emotional upheaval. I felt okay, then a ton of bricks fell on me. My recently reconnected friend (whom I liked more than a friend) told me they were moving…to the East coast. I took it as a sign that we weren’t meant to be and told them so. It’s just one of the things to unlock and ‘Let go’ so that I can be set free. I’m choosing to be vulnerable with God and let him see my wounds so that they can be healed. I’m so very tired of carrying so many burdens with an easy smile and quick wit. I want peace, belonging and healing. It will be a long hard journey but I know in the end it will be worth it. 

Tommorow I captain a building for the first time during the first OFFICIAL change over of the summer. I’m praying that I do God and CBCC housekeeping proud! I’ve been running the scenario in my head for days now. Waiting for this exact moment. 

I want everyone at home to know that while I may have bad days, I no longer want to live my life in fear. I want to embrace and grow and expand my horizons. There is so much to do and so little time. God has amazing plans for me and frankly, I Believe a partner to go through this life with. 

Until next time

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Recruits (6/20-6/21)

Exodus 32:21

And they came, each one whose heart stirred him up and whose spirit made him willing, and brought the Lord's offering to be used for the [new] Tent of Meeting, for all its service, and the holy garments.

Good evening everyone,

After a long two days of work I can FINALLY able to blog! 


I had early morning shift cleaning the gym public and the front entry. It went by quickly while singing a Swahili worship song. After that we had breakfast and I while I was suppose to be sent to ECL I was sent instead to Tides to help finish where I trained one our newbies. Leshon. I showed him the ropes of how to clean a bathroom and make a bed the CBCC way. We've gotten five or six new people the last couple of days. Folks that weren't able to get here till now. It's been interesting. The girls and I are expecting a new roommate. I'm a little nervous about meeting her but excited to have someone in food service. They are really hurting for people. 
    Anyway, I worked in tides then was building captain for N. Haven. With a great crew, a few newbies but they all worked really hard and we got it done on time! As summer as officially began the housekeeping meetings (which normally take place on saturdays) was mandatory for the House staff. We discussed the up coming summer and how much ECL manager Charles appreciated our work. (It was the first time he had made such a comment about CBCC staff!) Good job guys! Anyway, the meeting was adjourned at 4 (instead of 5) and I had an hour before dinner and my serving shift in the kitchen. Where, despite my training, I had to call for more potatoes and carrots several times in increasing volume before someone acknowleged me. Ugh. Next time I'm not gonna ease them in to it. It's gonna be FULL ON RICHARDSON PROJECTION! (thanks to my family ;) After my shift I was tired and so didn't blog. I volunteered to work at ECL instead of taking the day off like scheduled. Antonia is rightfully on vacation and so we're sending four CBCC house staff to ECL to work...without our gorgeous guilding light and sweet latin music! 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROARA! YOU'RE 7! I hope you're mom is reading this aloud to you! 

Okay, today along with Julie, Alice and Kari. I went over to ECL to work the 9-4 change over /maid service shift. It was fun working with the girls and chatting. We got everything done on time and was rewarded with day old cookies! (Which were delicious)  
After work I had to do laundry but I only had enough quarters. I had contacted my dad a few days back about getting me some more money, as I don't get paid till the 30th of the month. 
Thanks to dad I was able to walk down to mariners (straight off shift) use their ATM get some cash then went to US Bank to get some quarters. On the way home I happen to see my friend David from HomeLink!!! It's crazy where I run into this guy! We talked for a bit. 
I got back to my dorm and lo and behold my new roommate Hannah (the sixth one working here) She seems nice and I hope to get to know her better. I went and did my laundry and now sitting in the lounge waiting for my sheets to dry up in the Ecola laundry. Blogging while my friends/coworkers watch animaniacs in the background on the TV. My feet hurt, I need a shower but this is AWESOME! 

Final note: 

There are things in this world that reveal themselves in God's time.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Where Every body knows your name! (06/18-06/19)

Genesis 18:27

And Abraham answered and said, Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the Lord, which am but dust and ashes:

  Greetings everyone, 

first off I'd like to express how heartbroken I was to hear about Anton Yelchin untimely death this morning. My prayers are with his family and friends as they are in this season of grief. It's a dark day for the film industry and for Star Trek fans everywhere. 

First day back at work, I was feeling a little rough in the morning. Everyone was happy that I was back to work and looking better, so was I! By the afternoon bounced back. I wasn't sure why I was worried. Even on a slow day I was fast and got faster as I went. Later that day I was on service in the kitchen on the food line. I had been  rehearsing all day at what to do. I reviewed my training (all two minutes of it)  I washed (according to food standards) gloved and got ready. My team lined up mash potatoes, chicken and green beans. I was on garnish at the end Italian gravy, pesto and a drizzle of orange sauce. Then set it in the window for Grayson to cover and put on a tray. Chef said I was a natural and my team worked flawlessly! It was so much fun and the whole time I thought 'if Gordon Ramsey were inspected this plate would it pass par?" Answer; yes. 
I was on cloud nine by the end of the night! So happy that we didn't drop anything or mess up. I went to bed happy that night as I've gone to be happy every night. Feeling 100% BETTER!! 


It was my day off today and until I heard about Anton, it was great! After breakfast I met up with my friend Linnea who came down to Season on vacation and then came farther down to Cannon to see me! We hung out in town, had some lunch, did a little shopping. Hung out on the lawn at whale park. When I got back to campus and got on my computer to hear the news about Anton I was crushed. As I've said before my prayers are for his family in their time of great loss. The world lost a fine artist today....God Bless Anton Yelchin.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Day two: the cold marches on (06/17)

Numbers 12:13
And Moses crieth unto Jehovah, saying, 'O God, I pray Thee, give, I pray Thee, healing to her.'

Hello everyone, 
As of 11:30 last night I called in the sick line once again. Ugh. I hate being sick. Last night I had a slight fever and more coughing. I’m happy to report today that I’m feeling better and hope to go back to work tomorrow. Sunday is my day off and I feel I need to earn it just a bit. I’ll be over at ECL anyway and I love working there. I’ve had the beginnings of cabin fever being stuck in bed for two days now….While my roommates go to work. It’s frustrating! I came here to seek God, make friends and WORK! Unable to do two of those things has made me rely on God’s healing powers and his everlasting grace under pressure. I called my dad last night in tears and told him about my situation. He assured me that it’s better to take few days (two) to rest up and be at 95% versus coming to work at 50% capacity. I agreed. I want to do the best job I know I’m capable of doing and I’ve already set up a reputation of  being a hard worker around here. I have full confidence that my supervisors are sure that if I couldn’t make it to work it was because I was really sick. Thanking God it’s only a cold not something worse. Determined to go back to work tomorrow and help the team get ready for the busy summer season. 

Final thought: 

I am healed in JESUS NAME! My God is with me, who can stand against me? No one. AMEN. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Called in Sick

  Exodus 23:25

And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.

Good evening everyone, 

My day was the worst so far. For the past few days I've been fighting a cold and it finally caught up with me. I called in at 6:30 this morning to say I was legit sick and unable to perform my assigned duties. Around 9 I took cold medicine and read for a bit but mostly slept all day. My roommates are AMAZING however, Emma made me chicken noodle soup before she left to hang out with her family and Eunice and Edith checked in on my before work. They all care so much. It's awesome. The worst part really is not working. It's a third of the reasons that I came here along with growing closer to God and making new friends. I am not the only one to suffer unfortunately. Living in such close quarters causes things like this. I'm just praying that I'm on the mend soon and can get back to work. It's lonely laying in bed all day. I don't want to get others sick and I'm not up to being around anyone really but it's the isolation. Normally I'm okay with being alone. I'm fine with it now. I guess it's because it's not my choice to be alone versus when I'm healthy. The really crappy part is that while I've been here I've actually been eating better and drinking a ton of water. So to get sick anyway is stupid. When I arrived I had a belt that I could only comfortable place in the second notch. 16 days later I can reach the fifth notch and my other pants are loose. I'm not quite a sixteen but after this bout of illness I might start working out. Perhaps missing out on working my body (other than at work) is what contributed to my fall to sickness. That and living in a small space with other humans. Not to mention sitting in the lounge sharing food with upwards of twelve people. My germophobe  friends will be horrified. However when I was getting sick I separated my portion of gold fish crackers to avoid getting anyone else sick. I'm praying that this is the last bout before Summer Session starts. I really can't afford to let my team down. We have guests to serve and God to seek. That becomes nigh impossible when you're laid up. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

*knock knock "Housekeeping" *knock knock* "Maidservice"

II Kings 7:11
and he calleth the gatekeepers, and they declare to the house of the king within.

Good evening everyone, 

Today I had a later shift and so slept in. For those who know I'm currently fighting a cold. The mornings are the worst but I plan on getting some cold medicine to function. Cause I can't afford not to work nor can housekeeping be one keeper short. I reported on time to the Housekeeping office and waited to clock in. Once I was Dawn, our head supervisor walked us through maid service duties. Eunice, Edith, Taj and I (as the newest housekeepers) were paired with experienced people and assigned a building. I got to work with Ben who is the housekeeping assistant. He's awesome and sarcastic and in play in town! Afterwards Sarah, Edith and I went to PVL (Pacific View Lodge) and did chores. As we were walking back  I noted my friend Faust wearing a black kilt. It made my day! At dinner I explained to Edith and Eunice what a Kilt was. They laughed and said that you never see such things in Kenya. In the lounge that evening I played golf (card game) with Alison and Abbie while watching Avatar the last airbender. I stayed out till 11:30 pm cause I had an early morning shift in the morning. 


This morning was a tad miserable. I got to the housekeeping office at 6:45 am and waited for them to open the door so I could clock in by 7 and start my early morning duties. Alison joined me on the porch and graciously let me borrow her awesome woolen poncho. Josiah (the vacuum maintenance guy) opened the door for us. We logged in and while Alison headed off to the Coach house, Kari, Andrea, Alice and I along with Josiah headed to the rec center to clean the publics and the entries. I had never had early shift and so I got a little confused but Josiah was awesome and helped me out. After clocking out I walked to Mariners market to get some cold medicine so that my body would at least have a chance. The other day I had a headache and used Past tense blend and breath oil which helped a lot. I'm also avoiding dairy and sugar where I can. I came back to my room took said medicine, read for a bit then slept for a few hours in between shifts. I woke just before lunch, got dressed in uniform again and went to lunch then safety training and chores. I got to work with Tim today we work well together. I haven't found anyone that I don't work well with. We've gotten a few new people in the last couple of days. As summer draws near the anticipation of the hectic schedule and need to have well trained and prepared staff is evident in the air. I'm going to try and take as much rest as I can before the 20th when things will get hairy fast! Tommorow I work in both housekeeping and on the line in the kitchen, hence the medicine. Keep me in your prayers for quick healing. 

I conclude this post with this thought;

Living in the moment is being content with where you are, having no expectation of the future and little thought of the past. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

The deep dish combo mambo! (06/11-06/13)

Genesis 24:21

And the man wondering at her held his peace, to wit whether the LORD had made his journey prosperous or not.

Hello everyone! 

Wow it's been a busy couple of days!

 I'd like to say that the families of the victims of the Orlando massacre are in my prayers. It was a useless loss of life. Myself, and the summer staff at CBCC prayed Sunday evening for those grieving love ones.

 SATURDAY (6/11)
It was my day off. I slept in through breakfast. Got dressed and headed to town. I walked around for bit all the way up to Mariner's market. Stopping in at the library. I got two books by one of my favorite authors one of them SIGNED! I went down to the beach to see the final touches to their sculptures (pictures online).  After which I went to Tom's fish n' chips and got lunch. Sitting at Whale park I read and ate and waited for dinner. After dinner a group of us went with one of our staff ministers, Matt to the Astoria Armory roller rink. It was a free skate night in honor of gay pride day.  For historical and comedic context. I hadn't roller bladed in...10 years? So, when I put on those vintage four wheelers (which I never used as a kid, unlike my parents ;) ) Once standing I promptly fell forward and landed in a plank position. Thankfully, Corina had brought her own inline skates she let me borrow. Unfortunately, my center of gravity, weight and coordination had all changed since I 13! With a valiant effort and encouragments from my co-workers as they zipped past I made it around the rink about four times before I gave up and sat near the lockers with everyone's stuff. Afterwards we drove further into Astoria and went vintage cloth shopping. We found some awesome stuff! (but the price was way too high for our wages) We had gone to the rink expecting to pay three dollars for skates, so with money burning a hole in our pockets and dinner now two hours ago, we headed to McDonalds. We waited for Matt and Chris come pick us up from McDonalds. We piled back in the 15 person van and with Matt at the wheel (questionable decision really) we raced to the docks to see the seals that weren't there. On our way home (CBCC) someone spotted Good Will and said "We should go to Good Will!" Matt took a vote it was unanimous and he jumped into the turn lane. It was 8:30 they were closing at 9. We parked, I jumped out on a mission to find suitable swim wear. I ended up getting a bikini top, tank and men's trunks. The others found some gems and then we hopped in the van and sang along to the radio all the way home.

I worked at ECL with Caitlyn and Emma. We had 17 change overs and three maids services two of which refused service (sweet) I enjoy working at ECL because of the complete change over, we clean the whole room as a pose to just in phases like over at the converence center. I'm getting very fast and both cleaning bathrooms and making beds (yes, mom I will make your bed a couple of time hotel style) The only thing is the upper level rooms get really hot and stuffy so we open the windows. Other than that it's awesome working there with Antonia. That night I  also had a late change over. I ended up cleaning one bathroom, making a bed and cleaned the deck chairs. We had an amazing crew and got done early! As a requirement for the first half of the summer the staff go to SNL (Sunday night live) Last night the minsters shared their testimonies and exlained what SNL was all about and how they wanted to use it to get to know us and pray. We had a very good prayer time and during worship I broke down about my sister. I realized that when she was dignosed was when I first began to pull from God and now, almost five years from that point I'm making a 180 back to him and I'm healing from old wounds.

MONDAY (6/13)
I went on shift at 8:30 am this morning. We had three buildings to clean before 3 pm! I was on a crew in Tides with our amazing building Captain Sarah! Who instilled in us to get done before noon. We only had a few things left when we came back from lunch. I was vacuuming the hall when Sarah stopped me and told me to report to Housekeeping. I did so and Andrew informed me that I'd be captaining North Haven....Me, by myself a captain! Thank God all my crew was trained and worked great. Although I ended up with like 20 people needing jobs to do. We got everything done 30 minutes early! 'Course we only had 6-8 rooms but still for my first solo trip as captain I think I did okay.

Final thoughts:
This place is awesome and I can't wait to see what God has for me come this summer!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Working for the Weekend! (06/10)

Leviticus 23:24 

Observe a special day of rest on the first day of the seventh month. Gather together for worship when the trumpets sound.

Good evening everyone, 

Unfortunately nothing worth noting happened today. It was my FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OFF! 
I slept in. Wrote, went to lunch and wrote some more! It feels good to get back to my craft. 

Anyway, the day drew on with cloudy skies and downpour. I'm very excited about tommorow as I'm going roller skating with a few of the staff at CBCC! As of this evening I've watched Aliens (scary) and currently my fellow staff are watching and singing wiht Mulan. This is the mark of a great bunch of people. I'm really enjoying my time here, mainly because I'M HERE. I'm not distracted thinking about home or where I'll work when I get there. I'm focused and living right now, right here. Whatever happens, wherever I'm going I'm there. It's only been a few weeks and yet I've seen the proof in changing habits changes lives. As I sit here writing hearing my growing group of friends law joyfully I remember all the times that I was distant. All the times I isolated myself because I felt as though I was a monster. Uncontrolled. That was always a lie from the pit. I had self-control I just hadn't used it as much as I should have. Anxiety, depression and doubt caused so much turmoil in my life. Funny enough being here I feel very support while being independent. It's a great way to start life. I know that when I was 18 I was no where near ready for this kind of distance from my family and yet I still wish somethings had gone differently, bu then where would I be? Here? I doubt it. So, do I have regrets of my previous 23 years? No. I'm learning to forgive my past self, love my present self and pray for my future self. Along with all and whomever will share that future with me. It's not about the destination or the journey but the lessons learned and the battles fought. If you can sit down around a scarred and stained wood table in an inn with a full tankard in your hand and regale your fellows with tales of slaying dragons, rescuing villages,  preaching God's word and witnessing his miriacles every day...Then you're playing saga. but it's the same as in life. We're called as warriors and witness. Not just to fight the battle but to heal the sick. To be a shoulder to cry on and help a friend when they're in need. In all things rejoice. But don't forget to take a day of rest. 

With this note I say good night;

Every wound is a story, every story an end..

One two Cha cha! (06/09)

Exodus 15:20 

Then Miriam the prophetess, Aaron's sister, took a tambourine in her hand, and all the women followed her with tambourines and dancing.

Hello everyone, 

this post may be short as nothing truly exciting happened today. I worked over at the Ecola Creek Lodge with some of my co-workers. It got a little exciting when Antonia was playing her music and we couldn't help ourselves but dance a tad bit to the music. That night there was a all-girl Zumba session in the gym I opted out this time and instead retired to the lounge to watch Twilight (for the express purpose of making fun of it. It was awesome!)
After which we watched Alien (I had gained special permission to do so) Many of my coworkers hadn't seen it. The sets and story were amazing. I had previously never actually seen the film but I knew the story and most of the scary moments. To antedote Alien we watched Avatar till midnight. 

Tommorow- Is my day off! So excited! Emma and I are going roller skating this evening with a few other people. More about that in my next post. 

Final note: if you can't be in your comfort zone make where you are home. 

Elections at CBCC! (06/08)

Genesis 36:29 
These were the tribal leaders who descended from the Horites: triballeaders Lotan, Shobal, Zibeon, Anah,

Good evening, 

Orientation is finally over yet the training has just begun. The same as yesterday everyone was up and at breakfast by 8. Today though we held an election. Paul (our HR guy) decided we needed a new president. 
 Orientation over at the pacific room by 8:30 am. We all sat down and settled in for another long day of videos, reading out policies and yawning.  We took a break, all the girls went downstairs and all the boys went up to the third floor. The issue `of sexual harassment  and unwanted advances. This was a serious topic and serious discussion. We had to watch a video about workplace harassment. 
The  girls discussed how we can minimize the temptation but also how to deal with it. Our ministers (ladies) believe that we're strong independent women of faith and even while we practice modesty we don't owe anyone anything other than mutual respect and being polite. 
We wrote down goals for the summer (goals only the ministers saw) 

We came back together and broke for lunch and then came back and divided into our respective departments for more in depth training. Today Dawn, Aaron and Andrew took us through how to clean a bathroom  make a bed and went over Building Captain procedures. The duties and responsibilities of being a captain and how to encourage our crews to work fast and efficiently while still having fun. I’m excited to be a building captain and get to know my crew over the summer. I’m hoping and praying that we develop a routine and flow so that everything gets done ahead of time and we become the fastest, most accurate crew of the summer staff! So that we can help keep the convention running smoothly and our guests comfortable and refreshed. 

It was good to review for consistency and accuracy.  Later we had a team building exercise. We were asked to pair up and find something in common with our partner, then find another pair and find something in common. And so on till we had a group of eight, and after a while we were one group. We split back into groups of sixteen and were sent to one corner of a PVC pipe square with cut outs of carpet. The object was to get your group from your corner to the opposite corner working as a team. After a lot of failing and arguing and taking control. Then Alison was given the mic and sprinkled some common sense in summation she was saying that while everyone was shouting out their own ideas it made the whole process more complicated. The best way to get all the parties to their respective corners was to ‘elect’ leaders from each group to figure out what to do. The leaders convened and came up with the best method. Working as a larger collective and after falling once or twice we finally got everyone to their corners. In the end we learned that listening to trained leaders helps things go smoother. To know when to listen and when to speak up. Each group represented the smaller groups working at the conference center. We’re working together to make this a spiritually renewing, refreshing place for our staff and guests.  It brought us together and created more unity. Even as I write this I’m in the lounge with 12 of my co-workers/friends. I’m looking forward to this summer.

Final thoughts for this post; The closer we grow to the body of Christ, the closer we grow to each other. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Orientation to get orientated (06/07)

                                                               Job 6:11 
What is my strength, that I should hope? and what is mine end? that                                 I should have patience?

Alright everyone, 

it's orientation day....Which means sitting in a room going over safe ways to work, FOR HOURS! 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. It wasn't all sitting, we stood and did exercises (which were a tad ridiculous without actually working) But still important to avoid injury on the job. After lunch we got split off into housekeeping and food service. The Housekeeping staff was trained to work in the kitchen and the food staff were trained in housekeeping for change over days. 

We weren't so much shown where everything is and told that it will be loud and fast pace. It was a little hectic just to anticipate the chaos. I was also trained on the line which is where a team of three to four stand and plate (each item on the plate and sliding it down to the next person. SLIDE NOT LIFT!) That's very important I've been told a million times. We got to practice by making ice cream sundays. I was the first in line of four I set, scooped and slid, Julie sprinkled oreo bits slid, Eunice drizzled chocolate sauce and Emma set it in the window. It was a little difficult because the ice cream bucket kept sliding around. However, I feel confident that when the time comes to actually having to work that fast I'll do my best and help my team to succeed. 

We watched a video today that really inspired me to be the best worker I can be. It's called "Give 'em the pickle" 
A successful business man who attended the conference center. He made a video to help other businesses thrive on the best costumer service. It was amazing and food for thought. Good reminders to keep my work consistent and the guests well served, happy and coming back for more. 

I feel like the skills that I have gained here. I will carry the lessons on with me to my next job and for my life. 
This place is wonderful and I needed this so much. I've met so many people, laughed, and cried a little.  As I sit here watching 'fault in our stars' tearing up about my sister and laughing with my new friends and writing my blog. 

These are the moments, the times on our journey where we pause and experience new things that will shape our lives and make memories to reflect on.  I'm glad every morning that I came here and cannot thank my Mother enough for coming here and telling me about this great opportunity.

Until next time. Good night. 

Laundry and Latin rhythms (06/06)

Ezra 7:10 
For Ezra had given his mind to learning the law of the LORD and doing it and to teaching his rules and decisions in Israel

Good evening everyone, 

Today was a little slow to start out with, I skipped breakfast (up way too late the previous night) My shift started at 9 and so I slept in till 8:30. I clocked in (on time) and headed to Ecola Creek Lodge. The small hotel across the bridge that's owned by the convention center. Antonia is the head of housekeeping over there. Emma, Isaac and I went over to work. 
Working at ECL entails changing over the rooms. The major difference is that we clean and change the whole room, instead of in phases. The rooms are very nice and well kept. The best part is listening to Antonia's playlist of spainish dance music and 
Also the bed spreads are actually duvets and have to be tucked under the bottom edge of the bed...which would be fine if now for the FREAKIN' BEDSKIRTS! The struggle between having to tuck the duvet and sheets and trying to keep the bed skirt out on display. This is where Antonia's 'Pin and Tuck' comes in. She showed us how to pin the bed skirt with our knees and tuck the bedding. It worked most of the time. We changed over 14 rooms and did 5 maids services (making the beds up as is and straightening things)
All in 6 hours. It was pretty impressive. After changing out all the rooms and maid service we folded towels then clocked out. 

    I headed back to the dorms, showered quickly. I recommended my co-worker use some of my doTerra Lavender oil. It's calming effect de-stresses and calms anxieties. YAY for oils. I hadn't really had a chance to expose my co-workers, but I'm working on it. 

Back on point. I headed to Tides to do my laundry then back to the lounge to check up on the internet. The dinner hour arrived all too soon and after which I got into a conversation about demons, the anti-christ, SAGA (table top game) and on-going writing projects and Star Trek of course! I picked up my laundry and was back in the lounge in time to meet up with Alison and Abbie to talk creative writing.  While our fellow co-workers watched Netflix. 

A little later I got a call from a recently reconnected friend and while we were talking about our recent struggles to process our lives I came to a startling revelation: I realized that when my sister (Jennifer) was diagnosed  with cancer I stopped living as if I were going to die. While she kept living to the fullest as she always had. I borrowed trouble and stopped my own progress and so had a fruitless few years. 

As I analyze why I'm here for the summer I've come to the idea that this is a much needed fuel up station. Spiritually, emotionally and even physically. I can feel the rejuvenation here for the staff. 

Tomorrow all the summer staff have orientation. ALL DAY! 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Captian's Log

Lamentations 1:1
How sat the city alone being many in people she waaa widow:being many among the nations, being a leader in the provinces, she became for tribute.

Good evening everyone, 

I had great day. My roommates and I all decided to skip breakfast (as we all just slept in) Emma and I had work at 2 pm and the girls (Eunice and Edith) Had the day off. So the previous night we decided to take them to the big candy store down the street near the Mariner Market. (Pictures on Facebook)  Emma bought them big pixie sticks, taffy and kit kat. We headed back to the lounge and watched Avatar the last air bender. After a few episodes we headed to lunch. 
   After which Emma and I went to clock in. At the office, we're all waiting for our assignment. There are about 8 of us and Dawn sent everyone else to their assignment leaving just Joel and myself. I was a little confused on what we'd be doing for the next four hours then Dawn asked if I knew the routine. I said yes and we headed to Tides (one of the guest building) I realized suddenly that I was being trained as  building captain for the summer! I was so excited and paid close attention. Joel was a great trainer. A captain opens all the doors and while the crew strips the rooms, then does bathrooms. Today though our crew wasn't coming till four so Joel and I stripped the rooms and bathrooms, restocked the bathrooms and towels. When the crew came in they started with bathrooms while I sanitized the doorknobs (one of the captain's duties) I also  spray spots on carpets and mold in the bathrooms. As the crew gets done I keep the momentum going with making beds and checking bathrooms to make sure they were done to the right specs. 
As the crew finishes the  main tasks the captain gives them chores to help finish. Joel encouraged me by saying that I'd be a good captain. 
  I clocked out after my shift and changed and went to dinner. After which I headed to the beach for Ultimate Frisbee  and after  we had bonfire devotion on the beach. 
fifteen people came and we played Frisbee and football then lit up a fire and worshiped and played an ice breaker. Then we heard the testimonies of a 16 year CBCC employee, Dan, and one from a first year employee. They were moving and amazing and during worship I broke down crying thinking about my life for the past 5 years and thinking about empty they've been without God ever-present. I cried about Jennifer (my older sister who died two years ago this Nov. 2) It was an emotional time and frankly I loved it. I've decided to go by J.J. to make things less confusing since there are FOUR Jessica's working here this summer. So far I've gotten a few people to call me JJ, I'll work on my roommates. 
  Today was an awesome show of how hard work and good work ethic, and God's plan can really show you that you have way more potential than you thought. 

I say good night with this simple thought:
"Work hard, play hard"


Tile Grout and Geography Quiz

Psalm 69:34
"Let the heavens and earth praise him, along with the sea and its swarming creatures."

Hello Everyone

Today was a shorter day. I went to breakfast then spent the morning writing my blog. A little before 11 I clocked in for work. Me along with five others were sent to the Old Ecola Dorms (used during the school year as the girl's dorms) They were suppose to deep clean but didn't do as good a job as they should have. I was tasked with cleaning one of the bathrooms with Beth (she was my shift captain my first day) We went through the regular routine for sinks and toilets but the showers needed to be scrubbed and when I say 'scrubbed' I mean an hour on each shower with little more than a tooth brush and some pretty powerful chemical cleaners. While I was cleaning the showers my team was washing the walls, doors and eventually the stairs. The dorms are located above the main kitchen and dining and have low ceilings so it was HOT! We had to open both doors on either end of the hall so a cooling breeze could keep us cool. It got close to 90 degrees yesterday....AT THE COAST! Anyway we were all hot and sweaty. I mean full raindrop size drops. 
   I think the best part of yesterday working was overhearing my coworker, Alice talk about her favorite TV show on Netflix. You get to talking while you're working to pass the time. After scrubbing for what seemed like eternity....I was done and went to help wash walls. Julie had joined our crew at 2 and cleaned the floor so that the whole bathroom was done by the time I was. I can say that I'd rather make beds than scrub tile grout. While washing the walls Mr. Miyagi came to mind "Wax on, Wax off" Washing the walls efficiently: apply soapy water then white wash (clean water) then dry. How the legendary Kung Fu master came into the mix. One hand with the damp cloth the other with the dry with the wax on wax off motion. That way the soap/bleach mixture didn't have a chance to dry and peel the paint off the walls!  
   After a short shift, I clocked out and picked up my phone from the phone bucket in the housekeeping office. I checked my messages and saw that my mom had mentioned that Jaynie Roberts the owner/operator of Magenta Theater up in Vancouver-
PLUG: You should go see a play there. Good prices and they served wine and beer now. Located in Down Town Vancouver. 
Okay back to my blog,
I never met up with her but that was okay. After a shower I went to dinner then down to the beach. Where I stood in the little river that leads to the ocean. It was nice and cold. I then walked back up to Whale park and sat. Where Eunice and Edith joined me. Here's where the geography comes in. 
Eunice began asking me where places in the U.S. were. The language barrier was funny. She was asking where Miami is but she pronounced it. ME-AM-ME so I was confused cause I was previous talking about where Hawaii was. Earlier that day Edith asked if I had a blade to cut her nails and I thought she was saying 'Braid' then I realized what she was saying and the adventure in linguistics continues. I found out that my geography skills are poor outside of the U.S. wasn't sure at the time where Jamaica was....After calling my roommate Noel she reminded me that Jamaica is in fact in the Caribbean. We also went over how other people in different parts of the country say 'Car' which was fun. Realizing that different areas of the country say Car a tad differently. We walked back to the dorms and met up with Emma then Edith, Emma and I went back down to the beach and had smores. I met Priscilla who is one of the ministers for the staff here. She is from NY and applied for the job on a whim. Paul our head of HR called her up and she's loving it so far. Tommorow we plan on taking Edith and Eunice to the Candy store down the road as we have already introduce them to ring pops and waffer chocolate cakes. It should be a lot of fun. 

I say adieu with this parting phrase, 
"All the life's a stage and we but the players" or something like that.