Friday, June 17, 2016

Day two: the cold marches on (06/17)

Numbers 12:13
And Moses crieth unto Jehovah, saying, 'O God, I pray Thee, give, I pray Thee, healing to her.'

Hello everyone, 
As of 11:30 last night I called in the sick line once again. Ugh. I hate being sick. Last night I had a slight fever and more coughing. I’m happy to report today that I’m feeling better and hope to go back to work tomorrow. Sunday is my day off and I feel I need to earn it just a bit. I’ll be over at ECL anyway and I love working there. I’ve had the beginnings of cabin fever being stuck in bed for two days now….While my roommates go to work. It’s frustrating! I came here to seek God, make friends and WORK! Unable to do two of those things has made me rely on God’s healing powers and his everlasting grace under pressure. I called my dad last night in tears and told him about my situation. He assured me that it’s better to take few days (two) to rest up and be at 95% versus coming to work at 50% capacity. I agreed. I want to do the best job I know I’m capable of doing and I’ve already set up a reputation of  being a hard worker around here. I have full confidence that my supervisors are sure that if I couldn’t make it to work it was because I was really sick. Thanking God it’s only a cold not something worse. Determined to go back to work tomorrow and help the team get ready for the busy summer season. 

Final thought: 

I am healed in JESUS NAME! My God is with me, who can stand against me? No one. AMEN. 

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