Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Laundry and Latin rhythms (06/06)

Ezra 7:10 
For Ezra had given his mind to learning the law of the LORD and doing it and to teaching his rules and decisions in Israel

Good evening everyone, 

Today was a little slow to start out with, I skipped breakfast (up way too late the previous night) My shift started at 9 and so I slept in till 8:30. I clocked in (on time) and headed to Ecola Creek Lodge. The small hotel across the bridge that's owned by the convention center. Antonia is the head of housekeeping over there. Emma, Isaac and I went over to work. 
Working at ECL entails changing over the rooms. The major difference is that we clean and change the whole room, instead of in phases. The rooms are very nice and well kept. The best part is listening to Antonia's playlist of spainish dance music and 
Also the bed spreads are actually duvets and have to be tucked under the bottom edge of the bed...which would be fine if now for the FREAKIN' BEDSKIRTS! The struggle between having to tuck the duvet and sheets and trying to keep the bed skirt out on display. This is where Antonia's 'Pin and Tuck' comes in. She showed us how to pin the bed skirt with our knees and tuck the bedding. It worked most of the time. We changed over 14 rooms and did 5 maids services (making the beds up as is and straightening things)
All in 6 hours. It was pretty impressive. After changing out all the rooms and maid service we folded towels then clocked out. 

    I headed back to the dorms, showered quickly. I recommended my co-worker use some of my doTerra Lavender oil. It's calming effect de-stresses and calms anxieties. YAY for oils. I hadn't really had a chance to expose my co-workers, but I'm working on it. 

Back on point. I headed to Tides to do my laundry then back to the lounge to check up on the internet. The dinner hour arrived all too soon and after which I got into a conversation about demons, the anti-christ, SAGA (table top game) and on-going writing projects and Star Trek of course! I picked up my laundry and was back in the lounge in time to meet up with Alison and Abbie to talk creative writing.  While our fellow co-workers watched Netflix. 

A little later I got a call from a recently reconnected friend and while we were talking about our recent struggles to process our lives I came to a startling revelation: I realized that when my sister (Jennifer) was diagnosed  with cancer I stopped living as if I were going to die. While she kept living to the fullest as she always had. I borrowed trouble and stopped my own progress and so had a fruitless few years. 

As I analyze why I'm here for the summer I've come to the idea that this is a much needed fuel up station. Spiritually, emotionally and even physically. I can feel the rejuvenation here for the staff. 

Tomorrow all the summer staff have orientation. ALL DAY! 

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