Thursday, June 2, 2016


Colossians 3:23
"And whatsoever ye do, do [it] heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;"

Hello everyone… 
 The question on my mind this evening is not ‘if’ there’ll be sand in the bathrooms I clean tommorow…But how much?
Today was my first full day of HOUSEKEEPING and it was good. I got to work with a few people I hadn’t met before and can probably now make any bed look like it belongs in a hotel. It was an 8 hour shift with 2 15 minutes breaks and a 30 minute lunch. Food has SUDDENLY  become paramount. At the end of the work day it was strange. All the staff that had been working all day pulled on their ‘cilivian’ clothes or bathing suites and after dinner headed to the beach. It’s kind of awesome to think that this is gonna be my summer. Eating, working and playing. As I was washing windows toward the end the day I realized that human’s have an essential need to make friends where ever they are to make that place more like home. I’ve also noted that while I like meeting new people I am well and truly a loner. Without my partners in crime or family by side I’m a free bird able to what I want when I have the time. Though most of my day consisted of walking back and forth from the building we were working at. I also met new people, laughed over how many beds we made and was eager for my next task. 
  Today’s adventures yielded: hosipital corners, sand in showers, and hair in sinks. Not to dissuade any of my readers from continueing but you did click on the blog titled ‘Adventures in Housekeeping’ I’m not recommending the best cleaners or tips on how to get coffee out of sheets. Though I’m sure there is a pin about it. Back to my day, it’s interesting how much work goes into keeping a hotel, resort etc. Clean. 
I was a little lost at how the system worked. First you strip the beds and bathroom (all the rooms and floors) then you clean the kitchen and bathrooms (all the floors) then you make the beds (all floors) after that it’s all “Chores” Little things like dusting all surfaces and washing windows and blinds and vacuuming. For an 8 hour day it went by pretty fast. Unfortunately, because I’m not in the best physical shape I ended up sweating buckets!!! I’ve been assured by several people that this too shall pass. I still feel completely at peace here (despite first day nerves) Everyone is really nice and helpful if they can be. The scenery is gorgeous and as I only have a 3 hour shift tommorow I’m heading to the BEACH! 

A final note; if your staying at a hotel, please leave your used towels in tub and don’t forget your underwear! 

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