Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Orientation to get orientated (06/07)

                                                               Job 6:11 
What is my strength, that I should hope? and what is mine end? that                                 I should have patience?

Alright everyone, 

it's orientation day....Which means sitting in a room going over safe ways to work, FOR HOURS! 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. It wasn't all sitting, we stood and did exercises (which were a tad ridiculous without actually working) But still important to avoid injury on the job. After lunch we got split off into housekeeping and food service. The Housekeeping staff was trained to work in the kitchen and the food staff were trained in housekeeping for change over days. 

We weren't so much trained...as shown where everything is and told that it will be loud and fast pace. It was a little hectic just to anticipate the chaos. I was also trained on the line which is where a team of three to four stand and plate (each item on the plate and sliding it down to the next person. SLIDE NOT LIFT!) That's very important I've been told a million times. We got to practice by making ice cream sundays. I was the first in line of four I set, scooped and slid, Julie sprinkled oreo bits slid, Eunice drizzled chocolate sauce and Emma set it in the window. It was a little difficult because the ice cream bucket kept sliding around. However, I feel confident that when the time comes to actually having to work that fast I'll do my best and help my team to succeed. 

We watched a video today that really inspired me to be the best worker I can be. It's called "Give 'em the pickle" 
A successful business man who attended the conference center. He made a video to help other businesses thrive on the best costumer service. It was amazing and food for thought. Good reminders to keep my work consistent and the guests well served, happy and coming back for more. 

I feel like the skills that I have gained here. I will carry the lessons on with me to my next job and for my life. 
This place is wonderful and I needed this so much. I've met so many people, laughed, and cried a little.  As I sit here watching 'fault in our stars' tearing up about my sister and laughing with my new friends and writing my blog. 

These are the moments, the times on our journey where we pause and experience new things that will shape our lives and make memories to reflect on.  I'm glad every morning that I came here and cannot thank my Mother enough for coming here and telling me about this great opportunity.

Until next time. Good night. 

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