Sunday, June 5, 2016

Captian's Log

Lamentations 1:1
How sat the city alone being many in people she waaa widow:being many among the nations, being a leader in the provinces, she became for tribute.

Good evening everyone, 

I had great day. My roommates and I all decided to skip breakfast (as we all just slept in) Emma and I had work at 2 pm and the girls (Eunice and Edith) Had the day off. So the previous night we decided to take them to the big candy store down the street near the Mariner Market. (Pictures on Facebook)  Emma bought them big pixie sticks, taffy and kit kat. We headed back to the lounge and watched Avatar the last air bender. After a few episodes we headed to lunch. 
   After which Emma and I went to clock in. At the office, we're all waiting for our assignment. There are about 8 of us and Dawn sent everyone else to their assignment leaving just Joel and myself. I was a little confused on what we'd be doing for the next four hours then Dawn asked if I knew the routine. I said yes and we headed to Tides (one of the guest building) I realized suddenly that I was being trained as  building captain for the summer! I was so excited and paid close attention. Joel was a great trainer. A captain opens all the doors and while the crew strips the rooms, then does bathrooms. Today though our crew wasn't coming till four so Joel and I stripped the rooms and bathrooms, restocked the bathrooms and towels. When the crew came in they started with bathrooms while I sanitized the doorknobs (one of the captain's duties) I also  spray spots on carpets and mold in the bathrooms. As the crew gets done I keep the momentum going with making beds and checking bathrooms to make sure they were done to the right specs. 
As the crew finishes the  main tasks the captain gives them chores to help finish. Joel encouraged me by saying that I'd be a good captain. 
  I clocked out after my shift and changed and went to dinner. After which I headed to the beach for Ultimate Frisbee  and after  we had bonfire devotion on the beach. 
fifteen people came and we played Frisbee and football then lit up a fire and worshiped and played an ice breaker. Then we heard the testimonies of a 16 year CBCC employee, Dan, and one from a first year employee. They were moving and amazing and during worship I broke down crying thinking about my life for the past 5 years and thinking about empty they've been without God ever-present. I cried about Jennifer (my older sister who died two years ago this Nov. 2) It was an emotional time and frankly I loved it. I've decided to go by J.J. to make things less confusing since there are FOUR Jessica's working here this summer. So far I've gotten a few people to call me JJ, I'll work on my roommates. 
  Today was an awesome show of how hard work and good work ethic, and God's plan can really show you that you have way more potential than you thought. 

I say good night with this simple thought:
"Work hard, play hard"


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  1. I am so encouraged by you. God is doing amazing things in your life.