Sunday, June 19, 2016

Where Every body knows your name! (06/18-06/19)

Genesis 18:27

And Abraham answered and said, Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the Lord, which am but dust and ashes:

  Greetings everyone, 

first off I'd like to express how heartbroken I was to hear about Anton Yelchin untimely death this morning. My prayers are with his family and friends as they are in this season of grief. It's a dark day for the film industry and for Star Trek fans everywhere. 

First day back at work, I was feeling a little rough in the morning. Everyone was happy that I was back to work and looking better, so was I! By the afternoon bounced back. I wasn't sure why I was worried. Even on a slow day I was fast and got faster as I went. Later that day I was on service in the kitchen on the food line. I had been  rehearsing all day at what to do. I reviewed my training (all two minutes of it)  I washed (according to food standards) gloved and got ready. My team lined up mash potatoes, chicken and green beans. I was on garnish at the end Italian gravy, pesto and a drizzle of orange sauce. Then set it in the window for Grayson to cover and put on a tray. Chef said I was a natural and my team worked flawlessly! It was so much fun and the whole time I thought 'if Gordon Ramsey were inspected this plate would it pass par?" Answer; yes. 
I was on cloud nine by the end of the night! So happy that we didn't drop anything or mess up. I went to bed happy that night as I've gone to be happy every night. Feeling 100% BETTER!! 


It was my day off today and until I heard about Anton, it was great! After breakfast I met up with my friend Linnea who came down to Season on vacation and then came farther down to Cannon to see me! We hung out in town, had some lunch, did a little shopping. Hung out on the lawn at whale park. When I got back to campus and got on my computer to hear the news about Anton I was crushed. As I've said before my prayers are for his family in their time of great loss. The world lost a fine artist today....God Bless Anton Yelchin.


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