Monday, June 13, 2016

The deep dish combo mambo! (06/11-06/13)

Genesis 24:21

And the man wondering at her held his peace, to wit whether the LORD had made his journey prosperous or not.

Hello everyone! 

Wow it's been a busy couple of days!

 I'd like to say that the families of the victims of the Orlando massacre are in my prayers. It was a useless loss of life. Myself, and the summer staff at CBCC prayed Sunday evening for those grieving love ones.

 SATURDAY (6/11)
It was my day off. I slept in through breakfast. Got dressed and headed to town. I walked around for bit all the way up to Mariner's market. Stopping in at the library. I got two books by one of my favorite authors one of them SIGNED! I went down to the beach to see the final touches to their sculptures (pictures online).  After which I went to Tom's fish n' chips and got lunch. Sitting at Whale park I read and ate and waited for dinner. After dinner a group of us went with one of our staff ministers, Matt to the Astoria Armory roller rink. It was a free skate night in honor of gay pride day.  For historical and comedic context. I hadn't roller bladed in...10 years? So, when I put on those vintage four wheelers (which I never used as a kid, unlike my parents ;) ) Once standing I promptly fell forward and landed in a plank position. Thankfully, Corina had brought her own inline skates she let me borrow. Unfortunately, my center of gravity, weight and coordination had all changed since I 13! With a valiant effort and encouragments from my co-workers as they zipped past I made it around the rink about four times before I gave up and sat near the lockers with everyone's stuff. Afterwards we drove further into Astoria and went vintage cloth shopping. We found some awesome stuff! (but the price was way too high for our wages) We had gone to the rink expecting to pay three dollars for skates, so with money burning a hole in our pockets and dinner now two hours ago, we headed to McDonalds. We waited for Matt and Chris come pick us up from McDonalds. We piled back in the 15 person van and with Matt at the wheel (questionable decision really) we raced to the docks to see the seals that weren't there. On our way home (CBCC) someone spotted Good Will and said "We should go to Good Will!" Matt took a vote it was unanimous and he jumped into the turn lane. It was 8:30 they were closing at 9. We parked, I jumped out on a mission to find suitable swim wear. I ended up getting a bikini top, tank and men's trunks. The others found some gems and then we hopped in the van and sang along to the radio all the way home.

I worked at ECL with Caitlyn and Emma. We had 17 change overs and three maids services two of which refused service (sweet) I enjoy working at ECL because of the complete change over, we clean the whole room as a pose to just in phases like over at the converence center. I'm getting very fast and both cleaning bathrooms and making beds (yes, mom I will make your bed a couple of time hotel style) The only thing is the upper level rooms get really hot and stuffy so we open the windows. Other than that it's awesome working there with Antonia. That night I  also had a late change over. I ended up cleaning one bathroom, making a bed and cleaned the deck chairs. We had an amazing crew and got done early! As a requirement for the first half of the summer the staff go to SNL (Sunday night live) Last night the minsters shared their testimonies and exlained what SNL was all about and how they wanted to use it to get to know us and pray. We had a very good prayer time and during worship I broke down about my sister. I realized that when she was dignosed was when I first began to pull from God and now, almost five years from that point I'm making a 180 back to him and I'm healing from old wounds.

MONDAY (6/13)
I went on shift at 8:30 am this morning. We had three buildings to clean before 3 pm! I was on a crew in Tides with our amazing building Captain Sarah! Who instilled in us to get done before noon. We only had a few things left when we came back from lunch. I was vacuuming the hall when Sarah stopped me and told me to report to Housekeeping. I did so and Andrew informed me that I'd be captaining North Haven....Me, by myself a captain! Thank God all my crew was trained and worked great. Although I ended up with like 20 people needing jobs to do. We got everything done 30 minutes early! 'Course we only had 6-8 rooms but still for my first solo trip as captain I think I did okay.

Final thoughts:
This place is awesome and I can't wait to see what God has for me come this summer!

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  1. at least your team there won't be facing as formidable foes as your teams have in the past...