Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tile Grout and Geography Quiz

Psalm 69:34
"Let the heavens and earth praise him, along with the sea and its swarming creatures."

Hello Everyone

Today was a shorter day. I went to breakfast then spent the morning writing my blog. A little before 11 I clocked in for work. Me along with five others were sent to the Old Ecola Dorms (used during the school year as the girl's dorms) They were suppose to deep clean but didn't do as good a job as they should have. I was tasked with cleaning one of the bathrooms with Beth (she was my shift captain my first day) We went through the regular routine for sinks and toilets but the showers needed to be scrubbed and when I say 'scrubbed' I mean an hour on each shower with little more than a tooth brush and some pretty powerful chemical cleaners. While I was cleaning the showers my team was washing the walls, doors and eventually the stairs. The dorms are located above the main kitchen and dining and have low ceilings so it was HOT! We had to open both doors on either end of the hall so a cooling breeze could keep us cool. It got close to 90 degrees yesterday....AT THE COAST! Anyway we were all hot and sweaty. I mean full raindrop size drops. 
   I think the best part of yesterday working was overhearing my coworker, Alice talk about her favorite TV show on Netflix. You get to talking while you're working to pass the time. After scrubbing for what seemed like eternity....I was done and went to help wash walls. Julie had joined our crew at 2 and cleaned the floor so that the whole bathroom was done by the time I was. I can say that I'd rather make beds than scrub tile grout. While washing the walls Mr. Miyagi came to mind "Wax on, Wax off" Washing the walls efficiently: apply soapy water then white wash (clean water) then dry. How the legendary Kung Fu master came into the mix. One hand with the damp cloth the other with the dry with the wax on wax off motion. That way the soap/bleach mixture didn't have a chance to dry and peel the paint off the walls!  
   After a short shift, I clocked out and picked up my phone from the phone bucket in the housekeeping office. I checked my messages and saw that my mom had mentioned that Jaynie Roberts the owner/operator of Magenta Theater up in Vancouver-
PLUG: You should go see a play there. Good prices and they served wine and beer now. Located in Down Town Vancouver. 
Okay back to my blog,
I never met up with her but that was okay. After a shower I went to dinner then down to the beach. Where I stood in the little river that leads to the ocean. It was nice and cold. I then walked back up to Whale park and sat. Where Eunice and Edith joined me. Here's where the geography comes in. 
Eunice began asking me where places in the U.S. were. The language barrier was funny. She was asking where Miami is but she pronounced it. ME-AM-ME so I was confused cause I was previous talking about where Hawaii was. Earlier that day Edith asked if I had a blade to cut her nails and I thought she was saying 'Braid' then I realized what she was saying and the adventure in linguistics continues. I found out that my geography skills are poor outside of the U.S. wasn't sure at the time where Jamaica was....After calling my roommate Noel she reminded me that Jamaica is in fact in the Caribbean. We also went over how other people in different parts of the country say 'Car' which was fun. Realizing that different areas of the country say Car a tad differently. We walked back to the dorms and met up with Emma then Edith, Emma and I went back down to the beach and had smores. I met Priscilla who is one of the ministers for the staff here. She is from NY and applied for the job on a whim. Paul our head of HR called her up and she's loving it so far. Tommorow we plan on taking Edith and Eunice to the Candy store down the road as we have already introduce them to ring pops and waffer chocolate cakes. It should be a lot of fun. 

I say adieu with this parting phrase, 
"All the life's a stage and we but the players" or something like that. 

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