Friday, June 10, 2016

Working for the Weekend! (06/10)

Leviticus 23:24 

Observe a special day of rest on the first day of the seventh month. Gather together for worship when the trumpets sound.

Good evening everyone, 

Unfortunately nothing worth noting happened today. It was my FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OFF! 
I slept in. Wrote, went to lunch and wrote some more! It feels good to get back to my craft. 

Anyway, the day drew on with cloudy skies and downpour. I'm very excited about tommorow as I'm going roller skating with a few of the staff at CBCC! As of this evening I've watched Aliens (scary) and currently my fellow staff are watching and singing wiht Mulan. This is the mark of a great bunch of people. I'm really enjoying my time here, mainly because I'M HERE. I'm not distracted thinking about home or where I'll work when I get there. I'm focused and living right now, right here. Whatever happens, wherever I'm going I'm there. It's only been a few weeks and yet I've seen the proof in changing habits changes lives. As I sit here writing hearing my growing group of friends law joyfully I remember all the times that I was distant. All the times I isolated myself because I felt as though I was a monster. Uncontrolled. That was always a lie from the pit. I had self-control I just hadn't used it as much as I should have. Anxiety, depression and doubt caused so much turmoil in my life. Funny enough being here I feel very support while being independent. It's a great way to start life. I know that when I was 18 I was no where near ready for this kind of distance from my family and yet I still wish somethings had gone differently, bu then where would I be? Here? I doubt it. So, do I have regrets of my previous 23 years? No. I'm learning to forgive my past self, love my present self and pray for my future self. Along with all and whomever will share that future with me. It's not about the destination or the journey but the lessons learned and the battles fought. If you can sit down around a scarred and stained wood table in an inn with a full tankard in your hand and regale your fellows with tales of slaying dragons, rescuing villages,  preaching God's word and witnessing his miriacles every day...Then you're playing saga. but it's the same as in life. We're called as warriors and witness. Not just to fight the battle but to heal the sick. To be a shoulder to cry on and help a friend when they're in need. In all things rejoice. But don't forget to take a day of rest. 

With this note I say good night;

Every wound is a story, every story an end..

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