Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fish 'n' Chip and other Fantastical creatures

PSALM 119:55
"O LORD, I remember Your name in the night, And keep Your law."

Greetings Readers, 

  I realize that the first couple of blog posts were short, sweet and full of vague details. However, as I have more adventures I can elaborate on my on-going '100 days of summer'.
It's day 4 out of 100 here. 

To begin: I had fallen asleep the night of the second well enough. Except in the morning I was groggy and was late to breakfast (I paid for that later) I started work at 1 pm that day and had mandatory safety training.(where I met Alison and Caelie)  Including: chemical, back injury prevention and sexual harassment. Fun times. Anyway, after clocking out and rushing back to my room to change before lunch I scarfed down my chow mien and headed to the housekeeping HQ. clocking in I was assigned Chores. As I've said before, Chores include looking under beds, vacuuming, washing windows and blinds. Whatever little extra thing needs to be done before guests arrive. This week we have Military Family conference. I for one am proud to serve those whom have already served and sacrificed for us. Back on point. After a few chores in Anchorage (one of our guest housing) Myself and Shirley (her and I worked my first day with beds)  We were tasked with buffing the main dinning room windows in and out, along with washing the doors of scuff marks. 
   After checking out and a quick shower I finally hit town! The breeze off the ocean was magical! After sweating (cause it was 78 yesterday) Strolling through town I scouted out the Christmas store Yuletide. (my family will understand) I looked about and met the owner. 
After which I kept walking till I found the ICE CREAMERY a Hawaiian themed shaved ice/ice ream/coffee shop, yes it smelled amazing in there. What caught my eye was the sign outside the eatery that said 'hood strawberry milkshake' I purchased one and will never regret it. Taking my cooling drink to Whale park (I'll post pictures on Facebook) 
SIDE NOTE: Whale park in a semi-covered beach access point with a carved wood humpback whale. 
Back on point. I lingered at Whale park and called up my roommate back home Noel, 
(the same Noel who road tripped with me two years ago) Milkshake gone, I headed back to my dorm with all the intention of grabbing my book and waiting for dinner at Pacific View Lodge (the same place I had spent 8 hours cleaning my second day here) However, as soon as I got to my room I flopped on my bed and promptly fell asleep. Waking at 5:30 pm (dinner starts at 5) I decided to get food elsewhere after my nap. Woke again at 7:30 and headed out on the town again. I had walked the main strip a couple of times and now knew where  I was going. Joe's Fish and Chips and Burgers. Thank God for them! Delicious food and reasonably priced. I had a cheese burger, fries and a drink. Sitting outside enjoying the sweet breeze I called Noel (yes again) As the sun was setting I decided to go back to my room and get my hoodie and drop off some stuff. As I was headed back I spotted Caelie sitting on the bench waiting at Whale park for some of the other wait staff. Joining her we talked then Alison joined us and after running back to clock out we sat and talked. The  darker it got the less likely football would be played on the beach. So all three of us headed back to campus (the conference center) when Brian or Brad finally showed up. Once on campus Caelie and B. played football for a bit, while Alison and I got to know each other. She's a fellow creative writer. We ended up talking for like two hours about her stories, Shakespeare, life. After saying good night I grabbed my book (that I meant to have earlier) and sat out in the cool night air and read till 12:30 am. 
   Unfortunately when I went to bed it was a night of insomnia. Emma kept getting up for some reason, I kept waking up. At 4 in the morning Eunice was trying to retrieve her phone that had fallen down the side of the bed and onto mine! That was a fun surprise! The room was muggy all night (cause we didn't open the freakin' window!) Despite all of that I made it to breakfast on time and barely ate (since I'm never hungry first thing in the morning) Knowing that we had guest at the center I was cautious about where the staff were eating. Talking with one of the guests apparently the heat was effecting everyone. It's my opinion that perhaps AC units should be added to the rooms. Or at least the guest on the upper floors should be encouraged to open their windows at night. Not sure how to help that situation. I'm just in housekeeping. I might bring up the concern at the next staff meeting. 
  Today I have work at 11 am to 4 pm not sure where they'll put me for five hours, likely training like my schedule says. 

For those who'd like to send me letters and what not

Jessica Richardson 
CBCCPO Box 398, Cannon Beach, Oregon 97110-0398.
 Physical street address: 289 N Spruce, Cannon Beach, Oregon. 

I'm pretty sure the PO BOX will work. I'll get it in my mail box here in the lounge 

I'll leave you with this note,
"Wherever you're going, there you are" Buckeroo Bonzai (just for you dad) 

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