Thursday, June 16, 2016

Called in Sick

  Exodus 23:25

And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.

Good evening everyone, 

My day was the worst so far. For the past few days I've been fighting a cold and it finally caught up with me. I called in at 6:30 this morning to say I was legit sick and unable to perform my assigned duties. Around 9 I took cold medicine and read for a bit but mostly slept all day. My roommates are AMAZING however, Emma made me chicken noodle soup before she left to hang out with her family and Eunice and Edith checked in on my before work. They all care so much. It's awesome. The worst part really is not working. It's a third of the reasons that I came here along with growing closer to God and making new friends. I am not the only one to suffer unfortunately. Living in such close quarters causes things like this. I'm just praying that I'm on the mend soon and can get back to work. It's lonely laying in bed all day. I don't want to get others sick and I'm not up to being around anyone really but it's the isolation. Normally I'm okay with being alone. I'm fine with it now. I guess it's because it's not my choice to be alone versus when I'm healthy. The really crappy part is that while I've been here I've actually been eating better and drinking a ton of water. So to get sick anyway is stupid. When I arrived I had a belt that I could only comfortable place in the second notch. 16 days later I can reach the fifth notch and my other pants are loose. I'm not quite a sixteen but after this bout of illness I might start working out. Perhaps missing out on working my body (other than at work) is what contributed to my fall to sickness. That and living in a small space with other humans. Not to mention sitting in the lounge sharing food with upwards of twelve people. My germophobe  friends will be horrified. However when I was getting sick I separated my portion of gold fish crackers to avoid getting anyone else sick. I'm praying that this is the last bout before Summer Session starts. I really can't afford to let my team down. We have guests to serve and God to seek. That becomes nigh impossible when you're laid up. 

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