Friday, June 10, 2016

Elections at CBCC! (06/08)

Genesis 36:29 
These were the tribal leaders who descended from the Horites: triballeaders Lotan, Shobal, Zibeon, Anah,

Good evening, 

Orientation is finally over yet the training has just begun. The same as yesterday everyone was up and at breakfast by 8. Today though we held an election. Paul (our HR guy) decided we needed a new president. 
 Orientation over at the pacific room by 8:30 am. We all sat down and settled in for another long day of videos, reading out policies and yawning.  We took a break, all the girls went downstairs and all the boys went up to the third floor. The issue `of sexual harassment  and unwanted advances. This was a serious topic and serious discussion. We had to watch a video about workplace harassment. 
The  girls discussed how we can minimize the temptation but also how to deal with it. Our ministers (ladies) believe that we're strong independent women of faith and even while we practice modesty we don't owe anyone anything other than mutual respect and being polite. 
We wrote down goals for the summer (goals only the ministers saw) 

We came back together and broke for lunch and then came back and divided into our respective departments for more in depth training. Today Dawn, Aaron and Andrew took us through how to clean a bathroom  make a bed and went over Building Captain procedures. The duties and responsibilities of being a captain and how to encourage our crews to work fast and efficiently while still having fun. I’m excited to be a building captain and get to know my crew over the summer. I’m hoping and praying that we develop a routine and flow so that everything gets done ahead of time and we become the fastest, most accurate crew of the summer staff! So that we can help keep the convention running smoothly and our guests comfortable and refreshed. 

It was good to review for consistency and accuracy.  Later we had a team building exercise. We were asked to pair up and find something in common with our partner, then find another pair and find something in common. And so on till we had a group of eight, and after a while we were one group. We split back into groups of sixteen and were sent to one corner of a PVC pipe square with cut outs of carpet. The object was to get your group from your corner to the opposite corner working as a team. After a lot of failing and arguing and taking control. Then Alison was given the mic and sprinkled some common sense in summation she was saying that while everyone was shouting out their own ideas it made the whole process more complicated. The best way to get all the parties to their respective corners was to ‘elect’ leaders from each group to figure out what to do. The leaders convened and came up with the best method. Working as a larger collective and after falling once or twice we finally got everyone to their corners. In the end we learned that listening to trained leaders helps things go smoother. To know when to listen and when to speak up. Each group represented the smaller groups working at the conference center. We’re working together to make this a spiritually renewing, refreshing place for our staff and guests.  It brought us together and created more unity. Even as I write this I’m in the lounge with 12 of my co-workers/friends. I’m looking forward to this summer.

Final thoughts for this post; The closer we grow to the body of Christ, the closer we grow to each other. 

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