Wednesday, June 15, 2016

*knock knock "Housekeeping" *knock knock* "Maidservice"

II Kings 7:11
and he calleth the gatekeepers, and they declare to the house of the king within.

Good evening everyone, 

Today I had a later shift and so slept in. For those who know I'm currently fighting a cold. The mornings are the worst but I plan on getting some cold medicine to function. Cause I can't afford not to work nor can housekeeping be one keeper short. I reported on time to the Housekeeping office and waited to clock in. Once I was Dawn, our head supervisor walked us through maid service duties. Eunice, Edith, Taj and I (as the newest housekeepers) were paired with experienced people and assigned a building. I got to work with Ben who is the housekeeping assistant. He's awesome and sarcastic and in play in town! Afterwards Sarah, Edith and I went to PVL (Pacific View Lodge) and did chores. As we were walking back  I noted my friend Faust wearing a black kilt. It made my day! At dinner I explained to Edith and Eunice what a Kilt was. They laughed and said that you never see such things in Kenya. In the lounge that evening I played golf (card game) with Alison and Abbie while watching Avatar the last airbender. I stayed out till 11:30 pm cause I had an early morning shift in the morning. 


This morning was a tad miserable. I got to the housekeeping office at 6:45 am and waited for them to open the door so I could clock in by 7 and start my early morning duties. Alison joined me on the porch and graciously let me borrow her awesome woolen poncho. Josiah (the vacuum maintenance guy) opened the door for us. We logged in and while Alison headed off to the Coach house, Kari, Andrea, Alice and I along with Josiah headed to the rec center to clean the publics and the entries. I had never had early shift and so I got a little confused but Josiah was awesome and helped me out. After clocking out I walked to Mariners market to get some cold medicine so that my body would at least have a chance. The other day I had a headache and used Past tense blend and breath oil which helped a lot. I'm also avoiding dairy and sugar where I can. I came back to my room took said medicine, read for a bit then slept for a few hours in between shifts. I woke just before lunch, got dressed in uniform again and went to lunch then safety training and chores. I got to work with Tim today we work well together. I haven't found anyone that I don't work well with. We've gotten a few new people in the last couple of days. As summer draws near the anticipation of the hectic schedule and need to have well trained and prepared staff is evident in the air. I'm going to try and take as much rest as I can before the 20th when things will get hairy fast! Tommorow I work in both housekeeping and on the line in the kitchen, hence the medicine. Keep me in your prayers for quick healing. 

I conclude this post with this thought;

Living in the moment is being content with where you are, having no expectation of the future and little thought of the past. 

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