Thursday, September 1, 2016

Prom Comes to CBCC! (7/29-8/3)

Genesis 24:12

That's when he prayed, "LORD God of my master Abraham, help me to succeed today. Please show your gracious love to my master Abraham.

Good morning everyone! 

Golly this has been  a crazy week and an half! The conference center was packed and we were all working long hours. On top of that (TMI) half the campus has synced up. With me it was particularly frustrating as I was having mood swings so bad they came in five minute waves. Well, everyone survived that nightmare including me. This past Wednesday (8/3) was the annual Dance Through the Ages moon shadow. It's was like Prom! And for some their first dance ever! 

Although dates were required a few of the staff who had expressed interest in each other took the opportunity to strut their stuff and show off their best (yet CBCC appropriate) moves on the dance floor. The music was popping, the costumes were on point and the couples cute! It was a well deserved and MUCH needed release of endorphin. 

As the summer's been drawing to a close, everyone is feeling the strain. I myself was going a little crazy. The next few weeks will be interesting for sure. 

until next time 

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