Thursday, July 28, 2016

42 days to go.......(7/22-7/28)

Mark 10: 45

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.

Good morning everyone! 

It's been a LONG week. After my last post (last Thursday) Change over went....Odd. It was a strange day for everyone. We got all the buildings done before 3 pm but we had maintenance issues, crew crisis and long faces by the end of the day. The night before I had gone out with friends to go see the new Star Trek movie (side bar FREAKIN' AMAZING MOVIE, BY FAR MY FAVORITE STAR TREK MOVIE!) Back on point, we made it through the day and then were 'treated' to a bonding exercise by our supervisors. We had to clean the main chapel after Tim (a houseman in training and fellow housekeeper) MADE AN ABSOLUTE MESS! Chairs toppled, bits of dryer lint everywhere. As if we didn't just spend the last 6 hours cleaning, we had to continue cleaning. That aside, Dawn (HK manager) did treat us to coach house ice cream or Gatorade and snickers in my case.  Afterwards, we walked to Pacific View Lodge to get a team photo. Dressed in our Black and Whites we posed professionally and then silly. It was great and I can't wait to see it.  
    My schedule has pretty much settled into a basic routine. Which is both nice and tiring. I work almost exclusively in housekeeping except on Wednesdays. I work an hour shift with food breaking down the Salmon BBQ. What's helpful is because at the beginning of my week (Saturday = Monday) are my busiest days. Saturday all day change over, Sunday/Monday early morning shift, ECL and chores, then chores on Tuesday and chores/maid service Wednesday. I get Thursday/Friday off. Which works out. This past week was a killer for everyone. Exhaustion, over work and personal issues were all major factors in seeming endless length of the week. Though by the time Wednesday rolls around it feels like the week whizzed by. 

    I've realized that as of today I only have 42 days left here at CBCC. The new question everyone is asking is "What are your plans after summer" Some are going to school either here or other colleges. Others are going back home and a few are staying as Conference Assistants (year round staff) I've made a lot of friends here and they all pretty much want me to stay. I have plans for after summer. I'm going back to Vancouver, getting a job and hopefully moving out of my parents place before Christmas!  I'll miss everyone I've met and worked with here. Most I'll stay on FB with, but there are a few that I hope to see from time to time. To continue building a friendship with.  

    As I continue to work here, I am reminded everyday that I am here to serve. Not only guests but my co-workers, supervisors and friends. I've been planted here and have grown so much. I know this is only a season however, and while I have enjoyed my time here perhaps not all of it. i know that however my life continues that God is in control.  I've built a good reputation here that will follow me to my next job and hopefully allow me to get a good position.  

  I will close with this; 
a job well done is worth a reward in heaven. 

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