Sunday, July 10, 2016

Soggy Saturday (6/9/16)

Leviticus 26:4

Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.

Good evening everyone, 

today was change over. If you've been following my blog then you know what that means. For the new comers to the party I'll briefly explain; Change over-VERB: the term for a series of actions in which a room(s) are stripped (old out new in) stocked and cleaned. 

Every Saturday at CBCC is change over day. Now, some may look at this daunting task as awful, which don't take get me wrong there are aspects that are simply dreadful. On the other hand though, I find change over refreshing. When you're  closing the doors of rooms with perfectly clean bathrooms, well made beds and fully stocked towels and sundries(soaps, cups etc.) It's a sense of accomplishment. A source of pride to know that you did your best and that guests will walk into to clean rooms. 

Following  my personal saga that is Anchorage. My Everest. Today I felt like I reached Hillary's step (the climber not the politician)  Last week I was joined by a co-captain. She's amazing! We work so well we're like Kirk and Spock! Seamless it's great. Today we went to our housekeeping meeting (am) as the rain began to pour. We prayed for change over and then headed out with our buckets. Marci (my co-captain) and I went to Anchorage and started stripping as many rooms as were empty. Some guests lingered until ten. At ten we met at the laundry dock and were split up into our crews. Other than one, we had a completely new crew but they rocked it today! As the drizzle continued we got to work. With the help of a few extra hands before ten we were able to get most of the rooms stripped, leaving only two or three left when our crew arrived. Time to get to work. Marci and I had agreed to each take a floor and stock it. While our crew cleaned bathrooms we stocked the sheets and towels. I've developed time saving techniques; such as working from the farthest room to the closest closet (which saves a lot of time and energy) Once my floor was stocked I headed upstairs to help Marci finish hers (a couple of guests were still around when we had to leave to meet our crew) That done, her and I started on beds. The goal of the change over routine is to have all bathrooms done before noon. Since we only have a half hour lunch this is crucial. We're going a long and before we know it, it's lunch. Not only were our bathrooms done but (drum roll please) 17 BEDS! made to perfection! Off to lunch. I locked up all the baskets with the cleaning chemicals. 

The general conversation at lunch was how far in the process everyone was. Lunch was quick and we headed back. Finishing off beds was TOP OF THE LIST. Six people making beds and only 30 beds today (one room wasn't used, also known as a merry Christmas room) We finished up beds by 1:30 pm and started on chores, which is frankly unheard of but we were on it today. 

For those of you keeping score at home;
June 25th finished at 3:23 pm
July 2nd finished at 2:54 pm
July 9th finished at 2:20 pm!!!!

THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS! CHECK IN TIME IS 3 PM AND ME AND MY TEAM GOT IT DONE AT 2:20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had set a goal of walking away from the building at 2:50 pm, a reasonable goal I thought, but God had better plans. Our crew was on top of it today. It was amazing! I was so freakin' happy! My co-workers (especially those who've worked it before) were congratulating us! At our post change over meeting we were congratulated again. It felt amazing to get done so early and be able to help out my coworkers to finish up. The real victory was that all 6 buildings were cleaned and ready for guests before 3pm! That was amazing and such a blessing. 

Emma and I were on call for the rest of the night starting at five. We were only called in once at around 5:15 to sanitize a bathroom. Which I was happy to do. That's one major aspect of working here. I really enjoy serving people in anyway I can. Knowing that housekeeping have a very important job of maintaining a distraction free environment through maid service, chores and keeping things tidy, is a honor. I love my job (thought I know it's temporary) The skills in both job related and life will carry me to greater things later. I've learned that I can do anything that I set my mind and goal for. Life is hard enough without doubting your every move. I've reached a WHOLE NEW COMFORT ZONE! It's awesome, I feel more alive and as if this is how I was suppose to be. 
Bold in thought, thoughtful in actions and positive in speech. I'm not sure what's happening but I'm trusting God and his plan for my life. I feel freer already. I know that after this season it won't suddenly be easier, but I feel....less isolated. Having met so many people with similar stories and battle scars, we're a community of Christ and it's amazing to watch the progress of my friends and co-workers. It's such a beautiful transformation. When God puts us through cleansing fire. I've realized that it doesn't have to be pain that shapes us, but having to wake up early to do chores or being responsible for an entire building. I needed this in my life. I needed Him. 

I'll say good night with this;

Humans disappoint. God appoints. 

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